field note

Quantum physics has revealed that we cannot view the universe in it’s dichotomous states. et la, photons were shown to change behavior when, not observed, became waves — instead

of particles. colors in

the light spectrum behave similarly. Consider

butterflies, that see with eyewear attuned to the ultraviolet. These ultraviolet pioneers, askip in the mist stealing our glances in baskets, carried

to ?runaway gardens







which alludes to the possibility of a universe, being witnessed from beneath a table, or in side glances at dead end streets where pink grapefruits perfume.

if keeps to two dances. no invitation to the ball,

and there may be castles that are yet full in flighting skies.

isto, Paint as the butterfly sees.

Violet-all. Consider how reflection

light reflected, in tolls of prisms and chlorophyll


Particles and waves. Our perspective in a system can cause interference in that system, since our observation is a function of that system.

trees are solar panels. and interference for UV, which paints our world with all the colors found astray from the waverly path they

green=blue and yellow.

green leaves eat red light. red leaves eat green light.

cyclical. a


they reflect the red light to what leaves with chlorophyll remain?

butterflies can’t see? or

when a twilight detaches from the nighting realm, it

hides in our pastel thicket, far from the lovejaw eyes

that wing butterflies?

red flowers, pink, violet=where the

pollen is.

the raven sees, the places other, weird for hops

in rings, to silver slept-the madder lay

o folken fair-y…

— of how

where, i think i am going to, is often where i was.




Look upon the mirror that is froth, for I just elude to what is and what is not.

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Look upon the mirror that is froth, for I just elude to what is and what is not.

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